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TalentWRx Service Processes




KnowledgeWRx is our proprietary process for discovering, evaluating and defining your unique workplace variables. During this process we will:

  • Meet with you to learn about your company and to determine the technical, functional, and behavioral traits that make a great candidate for your organization.

  • Work closely with you to develop clear and accurate specifications for your hiring requirements.

  • Establish the overall hiring expectations and timeframe.




HireWRx is our process for strategically sourcing, screening, interviewing and selecting the best talent for your organization.

  • Sourcing
    We employ a wide range of resources to recruit candidates, including an extensive proprietary candidate database, Internet searches, directories, associates, and cold calling competitor companies to direct recruit talent.

  • Screening 
    Once we identify an individual who appears to possess the appropriate skills and experience you seek, we will conduct a detailed screening interview and then present the opportunity to generate interest.

  • Selecting
    Once we have interviewed the most eligible candidates, we will then present only the top talent to you. We also coordinate interviews and manage the candidate throughout the entire hiring process.

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