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Take Your Career Further with TalentWRx


Looking for engineering job opportunities that are more intellectually challenging and financially rewarding? Put TalentWRx to work for you.

  • We can offer you a wide range of career opportunities at prestigious life sciences companies across the country.

  • We can provide in-depth information on prospective employers before and during the interviewing process.

  • As experienced professionals in both the life sciences industry and staffing, we can offer you expert career advice and guidance.

  • Our services are free to job seekers.




In order to provide you with the best career advice, we first have to get to know you. That's why we created CommunicationWRx, a unique discovery process that helps us get to really understand your background, skills, and career objectives.


We'll also use the knowledge we gain to match you to the organizations and types of positions that are best suited to your goals and interests.


Lastly, we believe job performance feedback and developmental coaching are keys to flourishing careers. Our proprietary communication system provides you a unique opportunity to grow professionally, increasing your work satisfaction, future options and income potential.


Take the Next Step

Whether you're active in the job market, or just open to hearing about new opportunities, we are interested in getting to know you.


Contact TalentWRx at or call us today at 813.699.5501




Contract and direct hire areas of expertise:



  • BAS

  • Automated Systems Design

  • PLC

  • Integration

  • Test Execution & Maintenance

Design, Build, and Construction

  • Cost control & Cost Engineering

  • Project controls

  • Scheduler/Planner


  • Automation Systems

  • Computer Systems

  • Cleaning

  • Mechanical

  • Equipment & Utilities

  • Process

  • Chemical

  • Electrical and Instrumentation & Controls

  • Laboratory Instrumentation

Product Design & Development

  • Device Design

  • Electrical, Mechanical, and Software

  • Process Design

Commissioning & Qualification

  • Qualification protocol preparation IQ/OQ/PQ

  • Qualification execution and report preparation

  • Start-up

Manufacturing & Quality Assurance

  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Packaging

  • Process Improvements & Sustaining

  • cGMP Compliance

  • Systems Audit

  • Consent Decree

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